Ocean Governance Research and Development Project Conference 2024


Theme: Emerging Issues in Maritime Delimitation and Ocean Governance in Africa: Bridging Law, Policy, and Practice


Concept Note: Maritime delimitation and ocean governance in Africa are deeply intertwined, with clear maritime boundaries essential for sustainable resource management and effective enforcement of regulations. Conversely, robust ocean governance mechanisms are necessary to ensure maritime boundaries are respected, resources are sustainably utilized, and coastal communities are empowered. This conference seeks to delve into the historical context, legal frameworks, emerging issues, challenges, insights, and new developments in maritime delimitation, connecting them to ocean governance in Africa.


The conference will provide a platform for academics, policymakers, and practitioners to offer insights into the evolving legal landscape, identify key challenges, and highlight opportunities for collaborative action. By fostering a deeper understanding of these issues, stakeholders can work towards realizing the vision of inclusive, equitable, and sustainable ocean governance across the African continent.


Conference Objectives:
1. Foster Collaboration: Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration to address maritime delimitation issues effectively.
2. Enhance Capacity Building: Provide opportunities for capacity building initiatives in maritime delimitation and ocean governance.
3. Facilitate Knowledge Exchange: Promote dialogue, knowledge exchange, and sharing of experiences among participants.
4. Promote Dialogue and Understanding: Create a forum for open and constructive dialogue on key issues related to maritime delimitation and ocean governance.
5. Drive Policy and Legal Innovation: Engage policymakers and legal experts to drive policy and legal innovation in maritime delimitation and ocean governance.


We invite scholars, researchers, policymakers, practitioners, stakeholders, and the general public to mark their calendars to attend this Conference.

Venue: University of Ghana School Law Auditorium

Date: Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 5th September 2024