Ocean Governance Research and Development Project


 is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between the University of Ghana School of Law and the Department for Marine and Fisheries Sciences of the University of Ghana, with support from the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea.


What we Do


Lead research on unpacking and articulating the dynamics of ocean-related development strategies in order to leverage Africa’s potential for sustainable ocean-driven growth


Offer a stimulating environment where pragmatic policy proposals and innovative solutions are conceived


Motivate stakeholders to explore synergies in their industries and to collaborate in taking creative and innovative ocean-related actions that can directly benefit Africa economies and communities


Prioritize the health of the ocean and climate decision making in the policy-space.

Weekly Nuggets

Our Publication

Ghana Ocean Governance Study

DOALOS/Norad Programmes of Assistance to meet the strategic needs of developing States in ocean governance the law of the sea.

World Oceans Day 2024 is under the theme, “Catalyzing action for our ocean & climate”

Join us as we work together to make the earth a better place of habitation for all of us.